Edit: Due to new custom rules, we can’t send archery equipment to United Kingdom. We’re sorry for it.

As everybody know, United Kingdom has left the European Union and rules about trade have changed from the 1st of January 2021. I’ll explain you here how we manage these changes.

First, we are not based in UK !

I know that some customers think we send orders from UK. This misunderstanding is for sure due to the 2 flags you can see on our two shops (France and UK). This is about the langage only 🙂

Each order placed on archerie-cheval-arc.fr and horsearcheryshop.com are send from the same place, in FRANCE. So there is absolutely no changes about Brexit.

For British customers

The new rules are these ones : For orders under 135£, you should pay taxes from us and we have to pay taxes in UK. And for orders over 135£, you should pay order without taxes from us and the carrier will ask you taxes.

The first case is not easy to manage for us because we should have a accountant in UK.. 

So we decided to accept orders only for second case. There is now a minimum order amount for British customers. The minimum value is 160€ without shipping (and without taxes because you will not pay it from us).

How it will work for you :

  • You place your order on our shop without paying french taxes (20%)
  • The carrier will send you an email or sms to ask you to pay custom duty, UK VAT and admin fees.
  • You will receive order after you paid (please don’t take too much time because order will come back to us)

To give you an idea, a customer send us the invoice he got. Custom duty was 0€, UK VAT was 20% of order amount and admin fees was 5£.