We are more than happy to announce the launching of our new webshop : Horse Archery Shop ! In this shop you can find close to all what you need for Horse Archery : Bows, arrows, quivers, protections, targets, timer, automatic target and more !

Who we are 

This webshop is new but not us 😀 We are horseback archers for 13 years now and we managed the Horse archery shop called Archerie Cheval Arc in France for 8 years.

Our french webshop has a great success in France. Our customers like it because they can find everything they need in the same place and also because they have all advise they need.


Our arrow customizer

Our favorite field is arrows. We worked a lot to get high quality arrows with a reasonable price and fully convenient to Horseback Archery. We have a big stock of shaft, feathers, tips, nocks, etc ..

We make arrows for you every week to be able to give you more than 6 millions possibilities and we do our best to keep everything always in stock to give you the best delay ! 🙂

We have started one year ago our arrow customizer. So you can build your arrows visually online and receive in a week or less.

Try our customizer !

Our Electronic Gear

Another important point of our activity : When we can’t buy, we produce ! 🙂

Thierry Descamps has spent countless hours to learn and produce useful electronic gear for horse archery. We has now a full range of what you could need in our sport : timer, display, automatic target and korean switcher.

Everything is done to be efficient, easy to use and with a cost as low as possible.

See all our electronic gear

Timer for Horse Archery

Wired Timer for Horse Archery

From 850,00

Timer for Horse Archery

Wireless display for timer

590,00 inc. VAT

Why this new webshop

Our first webshop Archerie Cheval Arc was not translated to english. Despite that, we sell a lot outside of France. Congratulations to our motivated customers who has learnt French for us 😀

You can see this webshop as the english translation of Archerie Cheval Arc. But there will be some differences to adapt as much as possible to your need ! A good example is the arrow tip. In France the tip must be parabolic so we sell only that to avoid mistakes. On this new webshop, we will let you chose between parabolic or sharp.

More differences will appear in future.

We wish you a good visit ! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us ! 🙂